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Staying Fit… On A Grad Student’s Budget. 

Yes, I know! You want to try out all of the fancy boutique studios your friends rave about. But a quick glance at your recent bank account statement may quickly be telling you no (if not – by all means hit up your dream studios.. or follow some of these tips and save a little money anyways!)

Step #1: explore your school’s fitness options. I got to an extremely tiny little college, but we have an actually decent athletic program. I was on some IM teams in my first year, but the sneaking suspicion that I had that I wasn’t cut out for soccer was true, and by the time basketball rolled around I had a sprained ankle. There are also probably some classes. Most of our classes are run by students, but one day I decided to try out the yoga class and it turned out that our school contracted an instructor from my dream studio! Imagine that! I’m glad I gave it a try. 

Step #2: Facebook. Look up different athletic stores and see if they offer free classes. I frequent lululemon’s Sunday Salutations and get the benefit of practicing with many different unique instructors. 

Step #3: more internet searching! Chicago offers tons of free outdoor classes in the summer. I haven’t gone to any but I’m sure they’re great. 

Step #4: run outside. This is guaranteed to be free and great exercise. The world is yours! 

Any other good free fitness options?


2 thoughts on “Staying Fit… On A Grad Student’s Budget. 

  1. Many of those pricey boutique studios offer the first class for me or they have deeply discounted classes for new clients. Also sometimes you can see those classes offered at a discount on GroupOn or GiltCity. It’s always worth taking a look if you’ve really wanted to take a class, but the prices scared you away.

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    1. I’m the kind of person who would buy the groupon and then forget I had it no matter what… 🙈
      I’ve also gone with some friends as their +1 to different gyms and studios, which is fun to get a feel for different places too!

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