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Downsizing My Closet…

Yes, you read that right. I, owner of one of the largest clothing collections this side of the North Pole, spent yesterday deciding what clothes I could bring with me to Kentucky. It was slightly stressful, definitely heartbreaking, and in the end… wonderful. I write this post listening to fireworks at the nearby White Sox game. Ironic? Perhaps.

Now for the sake of honesty, I must admit that I didn’t donate or toss most of my precious belongings. While I’m in KY, I’ll be storing a good chunk at my parents. I’ll be living in a grad student dorm for three months (just typing dorm was enough to make me shudder), so I can only bring the essentials. That meant eliminating my winter and spring work attire, t-shirts and sweaters, but also paring down on the rest. I ended up with three bags of clothes to donate, several items that were at the end of their life, and a fairly large pile of garment bags. My hope is that spending these months separated from my clothes will help me decide what else I really don’t need.

How did I accomplish this task? I thought you’d never ask!

– when was the last time I wore it.. if I haven’t worn it since I moved here, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see me in it again
– will I sweat to death wearing this in KY in the fall
– how many times have I put it on and not ended up wearing it out (frayed? out of style? uncomfortable? poor fit?)

This activity, and having done the same when I initially moved to Chicago, has really made me aware of cheap fashions and their impact on the environment. But my views on this are another story for another day.

I also had to pack up most of my kitchen wares which was equally as difficult. I can’t wait to have a proper apartment of my own again! A little over one month remains until the big trip from Chicago to KY. Stay tuned…