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June Ends Where Summer Begins

I like this saying, because as great of a month June is for bringing us summer weather, we have a few more months left to look forward to, and we can’t hold on forever. 

I’m writing this on my break between clinic shifts today. Mondays I work a split shift, but I’m usually not too productive in between – something that I should work on. I’m starting to get a little nervous for a board exam I have coming up in a month, but the nerves are balanced with excitement for moving to Kentucky later that same week. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions!!!

The main idea I’m nervous about for KY is that I’m not going to know anyone (I don’t know anyone there – I haven’t even technically been in the state longer than just driving through!). So what did I do? I got in touch with the running club team… so at least I’ll have a few connections and maybe a running partner or two!!

Do you have any quotes that help you get through big life changes?

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Staying Fit… On A Grad Student’s Budget. 

Yes, I know! You want to try out all of the fancy boutique studios your friends rave about. But a quick glance at your recent bank account statement may quickly be telling you no (if not – by all means hit up your dream studios.. or follow some of these tips and save a little money anyways!)

Step #1: explore your school’s fitness options. I got to an extremely tiny little college, but we have an actually decent athletic program. I was on some IM teams in my first year, but the sneaking suspicion that I had that I wasn’t cut out for soccer was true, and by the time basketball rolled around I had a sprained ankle. There are also probably some classes. Most of our classes are run by students, but one day I decided to try out the yoga class and it turned out that our school contracted an instructor from my dream studio! Imagine that! I’m glad I gave it a try. 

Step #2: Facebook. Look up different athletic stores and see if they offer free classes. I frequent lululemon’s Sunday Salutations and get the benefit of practicing with many different unique instructors. 

Step #3: more internet searching! Chicago offers tons of free outdoor classes in the summer. I haven’t gone to any but I’m sure they’re great. 

Step #4: run outside. This is guaranteed to be free and great exercise. The world is yours! 

Any other good free fitness options?